About Us

24-7 Group was created several years ago with the idea of obtaining legal counsel after hours.
Although a person was able to reach a physician in the late hours of the night, we felt it would be beneficial to also be able to get legal counsel at the time a situation occurred, such as an auto accident or criminal defense
As 24 was created we didn’t really understand that we were setting a precedence for the entire country that attorneys would need to answer their phones after normal office hours in order to stay competitive.
We also felt that it was beneficial to add the bail bondsman as there are many misconceptions as to how bail even works.
The concept then took another twist as we felt that criminal defense team was what the customer really needed.
Therefore, you can now call 24-7 Group and get an after-hours attorney or criminal defense team, whose experience has been highly rated, as well as a professional bail bondsman without searching all over the web.
It is interesting to now see how many firms claim to have a criminal defense team and how many advertise after-hours calls.
It took us many years to perfect this system and we are very proud of the quality of service we are able to provide.
Although we have assisted hundreds of customers over the years, we realize the legal world is always changing and we take these changes into consideration. We are very selective with the attorneys and bail bond companies that we choose to associate with.
Overall, we know that we have done our job when the customer calls us back and gives us a simple thank you that we have been able to put their mind at ease and they are able to continue on without worry.
Whether you are an alleged defendant, family member or just a concerned party we look forward to assisting you through the process to connect you with a qualified attorney or professional bail agent.

Contact us at 1-888-201-6340 bigstock-Networking-Group-3149079 - Copy