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If you were in an auto accident in Utah, our personal injury lawyers that we can connect you with are here to ensure your rights are protected. Whether you were in a head on collision or a minor fender bender, you will realize the complexity of the details you must obtain. There are multiple things you must do, such as receive medical treatment, pay for medical expenses, file insurance claims for you and the other party involved, resolve issues with insurance adjusters, and getting a rental car. Our highly trained Utah personal injury lawyers are here to resolve your case to get you compensated for what you deserve.

Utah laws are complex when it comes to explaining your rights after an automobile accident. You cannot trust the insurance companies to protect your rights.
Call today to discuss your case with a skilled Utah lawyer about your case before speaking with the insurance companies or insurance adjusters. Insurance companies have one goal, and that is to open and close your claim quickly to save them as much money as possible. Insurance adjusters are trained to ask specific questions to minimize compensation. If you give a recorded statement without consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer first, you will not get fully compensated. If you or someone you know has recently been injured in an auto accident, call 24-7 Group, We can put you in touch with a skilled attorney for a free confidential consultation:
Premises Liability
Mass transit companies, employers, elevator/escalator companies, or landlords can all be responsible for a personal injury that happened on their property or equipment. Every year there are numerous personal injury cases because the person or companies’ property or equipment was not properly maintained. If you or someone you know was injured because of premises liability, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Call 24-7 GroupWe can put you in touch with a skilled attorney for a free confidential consultation:

Wrongful Death

In Utah, if another person’s negligence causes the death of a loved one, as a close family member you have the right to make a financial claim for the family member you lost. We know no amount of money will bring your loved one back to life.
Submitting a financial claim for your loved ones death may be the last thing on your mind. However, the civil law can only give compensation for the pain it has caused you and discipline the party at fault.
If a family member has been a victim of wrongful death, call 24-7 Group We can put you in touch with a skilled attorney for a free confidential consultation:

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