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Park City man denied lung transplant in Utah because of traces of marijuana dies

  PARK CITY — Riley Hancey, who was denied a lung transplant from the University of Utah after traces of marijuana were found in his system, has died from complications due to a transplant at a hospital in Philadelphia according to his family. As KSL reported on April 10, Riley Hancey was suffering from a

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North Korea threatens to strike US aircraft carrier to show ‘military’s force’

Watch the latest video at North Korea threatened Sunday to sink a U.S. aircraft carrier to demonstrate its military prowess as two Japanese navy ship joined a U.S. strike group for exercises in the Philippine Sea. “Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a single strike,” according

Hurricane teacher, coach arrested in connection with inappropriate relationship with student

HURRICANE — A Hurricane High teacher and baseball coach was arrested Thursday after police say he inappropriately touched a student and also received “inappropriate images” from the student. Aaron Karl Esplin, 40, was arrested on investigation of providing harmful materials to a minor, sexual battery and exploitation of a minor, Tiffany Mower, Hurricane police spokeswoman

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