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Domestic violence is a crime where penalties can be enhanced depending on the circumstances. If you or someone you know are being charged with domestic violence in Salt Lake City, you need an experienced lawyer who knowledgeable about Utah’s domestic violence laws. In Utah, domestic violence can include: Domestic assault Battery Violation of a protective

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The simple accusation of a Sex Crime like rape, forcible sex abuse, child sex abuse or possession of child porn can destroy someone’s life even if the allegation does not end in a conviction. If you or someone you know are being accused of a Sex Crime, it is critical you contact our experienced Utah

Man arrested after smashing window, saving dog from hot car

ATHENS, Ga. — Georgia state law allows an individual to break a car window to save a child in distress, but the same protection does not apply when a pet’s life is at stake, as one man has quickly found out. Michael Hammons of Athens was charged with criminal trespassing after smashing the window of

Man robbed credit union for girlfriend’s bail money, police say

PLEASANT GROVE — Bailing a girlfriend out of jail motivated a man to rob a credit union, police said. Robert Phillip Rivas, 26, and Armando Jesse Ambriz, 28, robbed the Utah Community Credit Union at 105 E. State on May 4, according to the Pleasant Grove Police Department. “We later received information from one of

District attorney may drop cases investigated by trooper who resigned

SALT LAKE CITY — Between 20 and 40 cases filed by the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office may be dismissed because of credibility issues surrounding a former Utah Highway Patrol trooper. But whether the trooper intentionally falsified a DUI report or was just sloppy in his duty was unknown Tuesday. Neil Green was subpoenaed

Family kicked off flight due to teen’s autistic behavior, mother says

SALT LAKE CITY — An Oregon mother says she plans to sue United Airlines after a flight made an emergency landing in Salt Lake City to remove her family from the plane. She says it was because of her daughter who has autism. Donna Beegle said she and her family were flying back to Oregon

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  24-7 Group is your source for Ogden Utah Lawyers that handle cases throughout the state of Utah and felony crime charges of all types, including: Assault and battery Aggravated assault Robbery Sexual assault, rape, statutory rape, etc. Weapons offenses or enhancements Kidnapping Homicide or murder Domestic violence-related offenses Assault and terroristic  threats Negligent and vehicular homicide.

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24-7 Group can help you if you or a loved one have been charged with a domestic violence crime. Although every case is different and the degree and the type of harm vary, there are often consequences that complicate family conflicts and create legal challenges. Contact 24-7 Group to speak with a Utah domestic violence

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      An arrest and conviction for domestic violence can greatly impact your life, so it is critical to have an experienced Utah domestic violence lawyer assisting you every step of the way. Our team of attorneys can assist you in all areas of domestic violence: Harassment Protective Orders Protective order violations Child abuse

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  If you are looking for a Park City Attorney or Bail Bondsman give 24-7 Group a call. Driving under the influence of alcohol is considered a serious offense, and Utah has some of the most severe DWI/ DUI penalties in the country. Even first time offenders may face stiff penalties, including: Possible Jail sentence